• Live Lambs

    Avoid high birth weights to avoid lambing problems, produce more live lambs and have fewer ewe mortalities.

  • Quick Growth

    A major generator of profit for producers, giving speed and efficiency to market. Fast growing lambs are efficient lambs, partly because they have been marketed weeks before slower growing contemporaries, consequently they eat less.

  • Fat

    LAMBPLAN PFAT, YFAT, and HFAT ASBVs assist lamb producers in selecting rams to suit their individual circumstances and the markets they aim to supply.

  • Muscle

    Extra meat; benefits processors and retailers. More meat, more protein, better consumer acceptance and 'sale-ability' hence more consumer demand.

  • Worm Resistance

    Very valuable, with drench resistance worsening, but particularly in barber's pole prone areas, fewer worm burdens. Less drenching, less pasture contamination, improved feed efficiency, lambs can be ready for markets weeks earlier.

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