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Through measurement we know exactly what we've got and what we'll get. It is impossible to make decisions when joining your ewes and rams, to know what you're likely to get if you aren't measuring the relevant production traits.

Producers profitability and efficiency are essential to keep your business ahead of inflation. This concept influences every decision ahead of inflation. This concept influences every decision we make in our sheep breeding endeavours at Pollambi.

To ensure our rams transmit genetics to help clients meet these requirements, we place emphasis on sound structure, lambing ease, fast growth, excellent carcases, worm resistance and more recently, using DNA testing to predict eating quality.

To assist us in our endeavours and meet the needs of processors, retailers and consumers, we use LAMBPLAN ASBVs. We assess the structural soundness of all our sheep when making selection decisions and have collected lamb birth weights for over forty years.

Pollambi rams are front runners on the LAMBPLAN 20-20 index of all terminal breeds of sheep nationally.

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