Hello and welcome to Pollambi 

Pollambi has been performance testing continually for over 40 years. Every lamb is weighed at birth, at weaning and again at 5-6 months old. They are scanned for fat and muscle at 45 to 60kg, similar to commercial lamb weights preslaughter.

All our lambs are tested for worm resistance with Pollambi having one of the most worm resistant terminal flocks in Australia. This relevant and reliable data is essential as drench resistance continues to spread. All test data is analyzed by Lambplan and this data is essential for rapid genetic progress to assist clients profitability.

Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) allow sound genetic comparisons to be made between our sheep and all other LAMBPLAN tested terminal sheep in Australia, regardless of their breed. Comparisons across breeds and flocks are possible today with the results of the CRC Information Nucleus Flock analyses. These tests confirm the value and reliability of LAMBPLAN.

Various Pollambi sires have been used widely throughout the prime lamb seedstock industry, particularly in recent years. The current two most influential Pollambi sires are Pollambi 451-11 and Pollambi 52-13.  Both of these rams are spread amongst White Suffolk and Poll Dorset seedstock flocks in all Australian states and in New Zealand.

The lamb industry is now able to provide information about a range of breeding values, impossible to assess visually. Worm resistance, eating quality using DNA are two. Both are critical if progress is to be achieved and  lamb producers are to remain profitable and competitive in the read meat stakes.